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   Marketing  Online Advertising


Our properties are advertised on all of the leading property websites. We use well written descriptions and professional photographs to attract the best tenants. We’ve listed only a few of the major web portals below; the list is very extensive and is managed by our marketing department, ensuring your property receives the exposure it deserves.


Google Advertising Campaigns


We use Google’s ‘ad words’ tool to market on the search engine for the keywords that city tenant’s type in when searching for a property. Google ad words provide us with quality tenant leads. Extensive investment is put into our Google campaigns to ensure quality tenants and maximum exposure.


    Marketing  Online Advertising

 To Let/For Sale Boards


We use other promotional methods, such as, ‘To Let’ & ‘For Sale’ boards and window cards to highlight our properties.

High Street Presence...                    


What are the benefits?


·         Builds a strong presence


·         Situated in key locations for professionals and students alike to make use of our services


·         High St - Great site for locals wanting to check on availability or make an appointment.


·         1000’s of customers see our brand every day & night.